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We were recently commissioned by Blavou to build and create an entire new ethos for the business focusing Web Design, Branding and Social Media integration.

quoteAwesome work guys, a superb website, perfect displaying the vision of the business. Thanks so much!”


In early 2015, Blavou launched a brand new business concept focusing on creating opportunities within the Wedding Industry. The business had the idea of taking on new photographers and helping them develop their business and eventually create leads within their marketplace. The company focus on creating an identity for each photographer increasing their awareness to brides and grooms. The company often aim to promote the businesses through wedding blogs such as Rock My Wedding and Brides Up North as they know the influence these fantastic blogs can have with helping both new and experienced photographers attract bride and grooms to their style of photography.

So a little more information on the project we created for Blavou… The guys at Blavou set out very clear instructions when giving us the task of creating their new brand and identity. They were keen to ensure the brand was simple, crisp and clean cut while been designed in a similar fashion to the other businesses under their arm.

Our initial aim was in creating a colour scheme and corporate identity. Our research showed that many organisations focus on keeping the form of simplicity within their logo design, businesses such as Topshop, Samsung and JP Morgan all rely on a simply text based logo when advertising their brands. While the guys at Blavou understand that they arent quite at the levels of Sir Philip Green yet they still appreciate the idea of modern simplicity.

We created a simple off black and white typeface design that would be used in all marketing for the business moving forward.

Next up was the Website Design. After looking at the initial logo design a decision was made to build a simple website that portrayed the styles created within the initial branding process. The website – – was created as a simple 2 page set up that could be easily expanded and modified. Blavou aims to move into other market places rather than just photography so decided on keeping a minimal homepage with more relative content on each page. The photography page – will be used as the base for all future pages.

Success Story – The creation of the new brand and website was very well received. Blavou now has up to 5 photographers signed up as a direct result of the website and are looking to take on a few new creatives over the coming months.

Below is a selection of the work created for the project.

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logo design sheffield

Main Blavou logo to be used throughout corporation identity. Simply, crisp black and white design.

webdesign design sheffield
webdesign design sheffield
webdesign design sheffield
webdesign design sheffield
Aspects of the newly created website. Minimal design allowing focus to be given to photos.