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We were commissioned by Boxfresh and Tuesday Club to photograph their event “It’s a Sheffield Thing!” at Fusion and Foundry, Sheffield Student’s Union.

quoteI’m so proud of how we represented the brand as a close knit, passionate, hardworking team! Thanks again and have great weekends.”


This was event number 4 of 25 to celebrate Boxfresh’s 25th birthday. “It’s a Sheffield Thing” is also part 1 of a series of 3 localised events to celebrate regional music scenes. Part 2 and 3 will be “It’s a Manchester Thing” and “it’s a London Thing”.

Boxfresh specifically asked the photos to suit their brand, which is heavily influenced by the urban creative personality alive at the heart of London – the music, art, clubs, styles and street aesthetic. It values straight talking, creative, optimism and energy.

Born 25 years ago, Boxfresh is a brand with humble market stall beginnings and strong London roots, Boxfresh has been an original bastion of British Street wear since 1989. This brand nature and character is a core aspect of driving the appeal for an audience seeking clothing brands that behave genuinely, have a clear point of view and stand apart.

The team asked for 30 – 40 reportage photographs, capture the ambiance of the brand and the event. They need lively, atmospheric shots showcasing the energy of the crowd. One special requirement is to avoid “facing the camera” style shots, which is exactly what we specialise in. They also asked to capture the energy of the artists, including their interaction with the crowd and the Boxfresh product they are wearing.

Just a little funny story here: they tended to avoid other brands showing in the pictures. However, there were so many amazing shots of people dancing, shouting, raving… with other brands’ logos on their tops (even Shy FX had a massive BFA on his shoulder!) So we had to edit out every single logo on their clothes and hats with Photoshop so they could be uploaded to the official Boxfresh site.

In the end, Boxfresh marketing team was very pleased with the outcome. They had plenty of choice as we submitted more than 60 pictures to them, and 0ver 200 photos uploaded to Tuesday Club’s Facebook page.

“We came, we conquered. Sheffield, thanks for having us.
with Shy FX & MC GQMelé & Slick DonJus Now & SeroceeDj Bok BokfLakoAndy H


Below is a selection of the work created for the project.

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