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Children’s Day

Client: Children’s Day UK

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We were offered the chance as a Sheffield web design and PR agency to work with Sheffield-based social enterprise Youth Can Achieve to celebrate the first Children’s Day in the UK on 20th Nov. We crafted the website, design the brand and took some photos capture their first conference event.

quoteThank you so much for your assistance with Children’s Day. The website is excellent!”


The project was started by Nikki Sharpe, the founder of Youth Can Achieve, an organisation set up to help vulnerable young people. During the research, Nikki found out that over 70 countries across the world including Brazil, China, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Czech Republic and Thailand celebrate National Children’s Day on the 20th November every year. However, the United Kingdom refuses to recognise the day. There are 3.5 million children living in poverty in U.K today. That’s 27% of children.

Youth Can Achieve believe a Nationally celebrated Children’s Day would make a real difference to the disadvantaged youth across the U.K while having a hugely positive effect on child poverty.

The aim was clear – to let the country know about the campaign, get as many votes for the petition as we can and maximise the publicity. As for the style, Nikki gave us complete freedom on the branding and web design. Of course she was delighted with the outcome in the end.

We developed an identity with a joyful and welcoming tone by contrasting illustrations and typography with a bold use of colour.  In order to create a brand for the project, we started everything from scratch, including designing the logo, coding the website, writing and sending out press releases, managing PR and social media pages and also taking photos at the conference. We picked red and yellow for the logo. Like McDonald’s colour scheme, it gives the audience a very energetic and happy feeling. Then we added green, purple and blue to the website, making the section clean and informative. Instead of crafting a multiple pages website, we kept everything simple and all information very easy to view on one page.

In the end, Children’s Day UK had some high-profile backers such as NSPCC, UNICEF and Sheffield City Council. It showed up in both the print and online version of The Star and also attracted over 800 Twitter followers in less than two weeks.

Below is a selection of the work created for the project.

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Logo Design Sheffield

logo design sheffield

Campaign Poster Banner Design




Web Design Sheffield

We decided to use a vibrant colour palette to ensure and visitors were automatically attracted to the suit meaning they wanted to read on and discover more about the project.



Social Media Management – Twitter: @ChildrensDay_UK


Conference Flyer

flyer design sheffield flyer design sheffield


PR Works

Below is the full text of press release for Children’s Day UK written by us.

Sheffield-based social enterprise Youth Can Achieve is holding a conference to debate about issues related to children and celebrate the launch of a National Children’s Day on 20th November in Sheffield.

The conference is inviting child experts, organisations, charities and interested parties to join the campaign and a panel to led the discussions. Delegates and supporters of all ages from any background are also welcome to attend the audience discussion and bring a wider perspective to the debate.

In 1954 the United Nations declared the 20th November each year to be a day when children all across the world, internationally, were profiled, recognised and celebrated. Although over 70 countries recognise Children’s Day and some even have a National Holiday, in the UK there is no official day to celebrate or recognise the rights of children in compliance with the Children’s Charter.

A National Children’s Day would celebrate and value of our children and young people. It would showcase the work that young people do in society, in their communities, as careers, and as our country’s future. It would remember the children who lost their lives due to neglect and abuse.

The idea behind bringing this day to the UK came from Nikki Sharpe, the founder of Youth Can Achieve, a Sheffield charity that offers motivational advice to disadvantaged young people. Commenting on the conference, Nikki said: “This is an inaugural conference where we’re gonna grow the Children’s Day idea and campaign. We’re hoping this is gonna be the start of the struggle to get this date firmly recognised by the government.”

It is not just stopping at one day. The conference will give the chance to collect views of all attendees, children and adults forming a Children’s Day UK coalition of interested parties to take forward policies around children and lobby government to address these issues for future years.

South Yorkshire’s High Sheriff Lady Ruby Sykes is opening the conference on the day, along with the confirmed speakers including Nikki Sharpe, the founder of Youth Can Achieve; Maxine Greave, equality and community engagement manager at Sheffield Hallam University; Sarah Robertshaw from Prepare to Foster and Beth Stout from Gold Digger Trust, an innovative charity focused on effective work with vulnerable young people across the UK.

Please come along and be part of this campaign. Here is the schedule of the day:
▪ Registration 10:00-10:30
▪ Introduction to Children’s Day by the Chair and Founder of Youth Can Achieve, Nikki Sharpe
▪ Panel experts to discuss and debate
▪ Questions and views from the audience
▪ To finish the way forward for a Children’s Day in the U.K.

The NSPCC is also supporting Children’s Day in Sheffield. The NSPCC has a well established service centre in Sheffield and provides services to children and their family.

To raise awareness, NSPCC is inviting families, schools, nurseries and businesses to “Go Green” for a day to launch the UK’s first annual Children’s Day on 20th Nov.

Claire Reading, NSPCC community fundraising manager said: “It’s fantastic that Nikki has brought the first Universal Children’s day to Sheffield. The NSPCC believes it’s everyone’s responsibility to listen to, and protect all children. We can all help make a difference for all children and young people and I really hope the day will help the community of Sheffield come together to raise awareness of the issues that affect children and young people.”