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Building a cool mobile phone game is fun. Coding a website for a cool mobile phone game is even better! We worked with Dumpling Design to create a landing page for their new game Dashy Crashy. Even better, they let us to have a try on this awesome game before launching!

quoteWanted to drop a quick note to say A HUGE XIE XIE NI !!! I very much appreciate the work you’ve done and also pulling together materials for my requests.”


Dumpling Design first approach us in early 2014 and required some portraits photos as part their upcoming game Dashy Crashy‘s promotion campaign. It is a super fun and easy to play car racing game for iOS mobile phones. Their initial idea is to create a racing game that can be played using only one hand, gives the player great experience in just a few minutes time. It also allows the user to compete with their friends, unlock and collect new cars in the game. The company attended several game exhibition such as BAFTA Games,  Tokyo Indie Fest and Insomnia54, drew great attention to the game lovers. Some players compared it with Crossy Road and gave out great compliments.

Originally, Dumpling guys only required photo shoot for their game’s loading page. Since they discovered our mutual love in gaming and geeks, after a few coffees this year they decided to upgrade the services to website design, stickers and business cards printing for both Dumpling Design and Dashy Crashy.

Dumpling Design guys are familiar with printing and design, so they have given us very specific detail of print quality and colour. They required custom shape die cut of both business cards and stickers, making them into a unique dumpling shape. We then offered a super affordable price in Sheffield area with these special needs on printing. A bit of positive feedback – people love the stickers at game fairs!

As for the website, Dumpling Design decided to go for a simple landing page which has all the links to their social media outlets, press kit etc, so they can simply focus on finishing the game and get it ready to launch. The brand of Dumpling is vivid and lively. So unlike other websites we built with the principle of engagement, we added a lot of fancy effects to “the world’s most complicated landing page”. We have background video headers on both computer and mobile version of the website, random background colours, creative hover bottoms and a loading page animation.

The guys at Dumpling Design want to keep everything bite-sized so we made all the sections very simple with just colour background and icons, so all the important information are obvious to see or click. To add a little bit fun, we used 3 colours in Dashy Crashy logo and set up to show a random of them as the background colour. Also when you hover on social media icons, the “dumpling” will give you a nice and big smile.

Below is a selection of the work created for the project.

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Don’t forget to check out their website Dumpling Design. We also have a big project booked in with these guys next month. Keeps your eyes open for the big launch!