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Client: Zi Yu Xuan Jewellery

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We were commissioned by Zi Yu Xuan Jewellery in 2010 to build and create an entire new brand for the business focusing Branding, business card printing and product photography.

quoteReally like the business cards you designed for us. Our clients love them too! The print price is affordable and the quality is just amazing.”


Zi Yu Xuan Jewellery specialises in creating Gorgeous jewellery made from high-quality jade, all at an affordable price. That is the concept behind the new Jewellery store Zi Yu Xuan Jewellery in China.

The brief was to create a brand with more authenticity and visual impact, We worked hard in creating both packaging and the interior graphics. We built an oriental identity with a professional tone of voice. Our work included branding, business card design, business card and poster print, online store management as well as product photography.

In 2010, Zi Yu Xuan Jewellery opened its first store in Changsha, China. Jade symbolises beauty, wealth, immortality in the profound Chinese culture. Although the owner Han Qiu believes that its price has been jacked up by the overwhelmed market and it can be sold at more affordable and reasonable price by getting the jewellery directly from the manufactures. She travels to its places of origin such as Yunnan, Guangzhou, Sihui to get the first hand price, and sell directly to the customers in Changsha.

We were commissioned by Zi Yu Xuan Jewellery to design its logo, business cards, poster and light box in the shop. We chose  light purple as the main colour because it is what “Zi” in Chinese, also jade purple is very rare but valuable. We also used lotus as the symbol, which is another authentic Chinese figure and exactly what the owner’s name Han means. The brand design was used in all marketing for the business moving forward. We also designed a vertical business card for them to emphasise its Chinese feeling as it is the alignment of Chinese calligraphy.

Later we did the product photo shoot for the company. Unlike the other industrial or artificial products, we tried to create the nature light in our studio because it is best environment to show the condition and details of the jade piece.

Few months later we had some nice feedback from Zi Yu Xuan – their customers loves the brand. It was unique and elegant that was rarely seen in the Chinese industry before. It gave them great impression of the band and often come back to buy more pieces. The owner Mrs Qiu was happy that we took a bold move on making a vertical business card.

Below is a selection of the work created for the project.

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